"Sticks and stones" had it wrong: words can hurt you, as elementary school teacher Jon Wanamaker learns while working to preserve a dying language. Already mired in the aftermath of a failed marriage, Jon is suddenly tormented by ghostly, ribbon-like sentences that stream across his vision, wrenching him in and out of consciousness.

   But are they simply hallucinations, or something more, as the sniper searching for him—and the ex-wife he still loves—suspect?

   The startling answers promise to unlock new frontiers… if Jon can avoid falling prey to the Mother Tongue.





"A smart, unorthodox, and delectable superpower tale... (with) a smashing final act." — Kirkus Reviews

“Are ghostly echoes of ancient languages accessible to some among us? Cray's novel deftly explores such questions through an unexpected and engaging storyline.”

– The BookLife Prize (Publisher's Weekly)

Edited by Betsy Mitchell

Cover by Jeroen Ten Berge

Available in print (paperback & hardcover) and eBook formats.

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