No one has, because for several milennia a hidden society has conducted a clandestine effort to “diminish” the entire population, biochemically changing humans into lesser beings while they're still in the womb.

    But now the Diminishing Act is up for renewal and Andra Barger, a last-minute addition to the voting council, has an opportunity to overturn the law. It seems like an easy call... until she learns her cancer-stricken brother, the fate of an elusive culture, and possibly her own life depend on the council's good graces. Meanwhile morality—and Andra's only chance of having an unaltered child—demands an opposition vote.

   Will she vote for...or against... the horrific Act?

“Visionary work… the narrative's whiplash pacing is perfect. Sumptuous sci-fi with originality to spare.”

       –Kirkus Reviews (starred review, named to Best Books of 2018)

Edited by Betsy Mitchell

Cover by Carl Graves, Extended Imagery

Available in print (paperback & hardcover) and eBook formats.

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