Celebrity product designer Matthew Beren and his enigmatic wife, Sofia, have stumbled upon a stunning secret: millions of unknown, sentient life forms are hiding in plain sight.

   It's a wondrous discovery… or is it? Though unable to speak, the hidden beings appear to have formed close bonds with the oblivious residents of Matt's hometown in subtle, seemingly magical ways that make the garden flowers chime, the politics unite, and his company's robotics a little too precise.

   Then there are the unsettling hints implying Sofia knows more than she's sharing, and furtive allegations that the shadowy life forms might be advancing a hidden faction's attempt to trigger a mind-bending catastrophe.

   But could it be such a terrifying plan is actually necessary? If so, Sofia's secrets and Matt's shocking decisions could very well determine whether the mysterious beings become humankind's saviors… or the architects of its destruction.




     “Vividly imagined... an engrossing tale centered on no less a theme than humanity's place in the totality of existence, couched in a rollicking supernatural horror story... with action and suspense to rival a space opera.

Kirkus Reviews

Edited by Betsy Mitchell

Cover by Carl Graves, Extended Imagery

Releasing June 20, 2023