My career experiences are as surreal as my fiction. They include lugging a gray whale to sea (the U.S. Coast Guard may have helped a bit), chasing O.J. Simpson down the freeway, lounging in the captain’s chair of the starship Enterprise, and dodging champagne corks in a World Series clubhouse. Wearing a necktie (a rare event) led to interviews with two U.S. presidents, a visit to the top of NASA's Apollo/space shuttle launch tower, and the chance to track satellites from deep inside Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain.

     I have a UCLA English degree and live in Los Angeles with my wife and son. Born in Santa Monica, Calif., I spent my childhood in the nearby San Fernando Valley. Later, my family moved to a rural Sierra Nevada town where I learned to appreciate dirt roads, starry skies, and polyhedral dice. A budding fantasy portfolio convinced me to parley my writing skills into gas money, so at age sixteen I began freelancing newspaper features. I won Time’s national student essay contest a year later and became one of the magazine’s contributors during college, launching a twenty-three-year run... and my career as a writer.

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About Dan

     “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.” --Tony Stark, describing himself in The Avengers

     Okay, how about "novelist, thousandaire, husband, father” instead? And a Will Ferrell lookalike too... or so everyone tells me. (Truth is, I don't see it. Do you?) I write SF/fantasy thrillers, a fancy way of saying I like imagining stuff. In my secret identity of mild-mannered science journalist, I reported more than sixty Time magazine cover stories over (gasp) two decades.