Silent film legend Lon Chaney built an isolated cabin deep in the woods.

That cabin is now abandoned.

Or is it?

This is 4 a.m., habitat of twisted, subconscious scenarios that make perfect sense... for at least one hour. Dan Cray's short story collection also includes:

Paul Revere

A grieving father with a fist-sized hole in his head makes a desperate attempt to sound the alert about a deadly threat the rest of us can't... or won't... see.

What About The Weather?

An astrophysicist kidnaps his ill mother from the isolated mindset of a backwoods town. but her ex-husband is in hot pursuit, determined to conceal the reason why the ailing woman keeps asking about the weather.

Eternal Christmas

The centuries-old inspiration for Santa Claus returns to Earth loaded with dark secrets, family baggage... and a tantalizing opportunity to give people an annual reunion with loved ones who have died.

Plus two other tales, including a Writer's Digest short story contest winner.

Cover by Carl Graves, Extended Imagery