Renowned product designer Matthew Beren and his enigmatic wife, Sofia, have stumbled upon a stunning secret: millions of unknown, sentient life forms are hiding in plain sight.

   It's a wondrous discovery that fits scientists' belief that small amounts of consciousness are endemic to physical matter... meaning there's a chance that objects are "aware."

   But are they also aggrieved? Matt and Sofia soon find themselves facing an imminent, mind-bending catastrophe that will determine whether the mysterious beings become humankind's saviors… or the architects of its destruction.





     “Vividly imagined... an engrossing tale centered on no less a theme than humanity's place in the totality of existence, couched in a rollicking supernatural horror story... with action and suspense to rival a space opera.

Kirkus Reviews

     “A daring speculative thriller... posing resonant questions between jolts of action and suspense.

Booklife (Booklife Editors' Pick)

     A fascinating reconsideration of how people interact with the material world... the machinations of the elements' vivid, distorted world are a feast for the imagination.

– Foreword Clarion Reviews

Edited by Betsy Mitchell

Cover by Carl Graves, Extended Imagery

Available in print (paperback & hardcover) and eBook formats.

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