The Health Collection

          Before the Internet transformed journalism, newsmagazines typically assigned a team of field reporters to every story. Those reporters then submitted their work in story format so a New York-based writer could select pertinent quotes, anecdotes, and facts to compile the article. The rest of the material was left on publishing's answer to the cutting room floor.

          In Under the Covers, longtime Time science contributor Dan Cray lifts that curtain, unveiling his reporting files on the Cassini mission to Saturn, the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity (The NASA Collection), autism, pain management, and inflammation (The Health Collection), and more. He also offers a series of brief, insider perspectives, including discussion of the context and approach behind each story.

          Make no mistake, the files are raw. Unedited and untrimmed, they are truly a first-ever, inside look at the materials that helped shape some of Time's most interesting science cover stories.

Proceeds from Under the Covers will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


The NASA Collection

Unseen Reporting From Newsmagazine Cover Stories